Though I already held the position of Director of Studies prior to studying for the Diploma, the course and especially the practical block really helped me to become a better academic manager and teacher trainer.  Doing the course via distance learning was difficult, but my main tutor, Naz, was brilliant about answering any queries and providing excellent support.  All the tutors and staff at SGI were fantastic during the practical block - so friendly, helpful and welcoming that I felt at home within the first day, and by the end of the fortnight I just didn't want to leave!

Some results of successfully achieving my Diploma are as follows:

  1. The teacher training seminars and workshops that I run at my centres are much more interesting than before.  I now run a TKT course too and am one of only two to do so in the whole of St. Petersburg.
  2. I create a lot of personalised worksheets, activities and games for my students now which they love and find motivating, having received invaluable feedback during the practical block.
  3. I am better able to provide feedback and ideas for professional development for the teachers in my school and those that I train in external training courses.
  4. Though I was a Cambridge oral examiner before for young learners, I have now trained for higher levels too.

All this and so much more thanks to the Diploma!  I would strongly recommend doing the Diploma course through SGI to anyone who is interested in their own professional development and a career in teaching English.  It's tough going, but it's really worth it in the end.