Stuart Robinson

Successfully completed Sept 2012

Having previously worked in the commercial world, as well as in teaching, I decided, on reaching retirement, to combine these two skills areas by doing the Cert IBET. 

In every respect the course was fantastic, and just what I was looking for.  I am delighted that I chose SGI to be the course provider as the coursework they provided was relevant, topical, interesting, and challenging.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing the numerous tasks that were set.  They all got my brain really working over-time, and it was great doing loads of additional reading and research around the topics.

I was highly impressed with the tutorial support system.  The advice and guidance was excellent.  Response to queries was instant; and the feedback at the end of each course book was highly instructive, and invaluable.  I would strongly recommend that anyone wishing to do the Cert IBET should do it through SGI.  SGI, take a bow!  Thanks for an extremely well-designed course, as well as for the enjoyable, and very worthwhile experience in doing it!

I have now set up my own enterprise with training locations on the Isle of Wight in the UK, and Cape Town in South Africa.  My intention is to teach Business English short courses in the UK for three months of the summer here, and then decamp to the southern hemisphere to do the same for three months of the summer there.