About Cert IBET

In response to a growing demand by employers and customers for better trained Business English language teachers, Trinity College London introduced their Certificate in International Business English Training (Cert IBET) in early 2007. As teacher training specialists, SGI were quick to respond to the syllabus requirements and challenges of the Cert IBET and were one of the first course providers of this valuable specialist teacher training course.

As with all SGI online distance learning courses, the programme is characterised by an exceptional degree of flexibility, excellent tutorial support and a well-qualified experienced training team. The course consists of 4 workbooks to be completed within a nine month time frame, however the course can be completed in as little as 3 months. At the end of the course, you complete a written assignment of between 3000 and 4000 words from a list of titles provided which will be assessed by SGI and then externally moderated by Trinity College London.

The lively and stimulating workbooks comprehensively set out to cover all aspects of Business English teaching and its surrounding issues. To give you an idea, participants will cover two whole units of the syllabus within each workbook. These units include - “Course and Syllabus Design”, “Materials and Resources”, “Teaching One to One”, “Methods, Approaches and Techniques” etc. There is also material within each workbook covering an area entitled “Concepts and Language in a Business Context”, this includes a focus on key areas such as ‘Banking and Finance’, ‘Trends’ and ‘Management’. Each workbook also has a section entitled “Business Communication Skills Development”, covering popular Business English teaching subjects such as meetings, presentations and telephoning. Learning takes place through the exercises/activities you are expected to complete and of course through your tutor’s feedback.